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Vårt publika öppethållande startar vid midsommar och vi har öppet tisdag-söndag från kl. 12.00
Före midsommar har vi öppet för bokade grupper och konferenser.
Välkomna ut till Verkö Slott i sommar!

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Weddings and parties

Welcome to Verkön and Verkö Castle!

Let us help you have a memorable and unique experience.

Verkön is a bridgeless island in the middle of Storsjön with the mountains that frame a beautiful place. The island is 166 hectares in size and now has no permanent residents. In 1893, Lieutenant Colonel Behm Verkön acquires and the same year construction begins on the family's future.

In 1905, the castle was completed and the family moved permanently to Verkön with 11 people in the service staff.

An animal herd of 25 milk and meat animals, free-ranging sheep, horses and pigs.

A sawmill is being built on the island, as well as a smithy and a dairy.

Two boats are procured, Verkön 1 and Verkön 2. with the boats, you solve passenger transport on the lake and goods transport into the city where you sell what the island produces and you can spare.

In 1910, a lookout tower was built on the highest point of the island, in addition to the magnificent view of the large lake area, a wind turbine was installed at the top of the tower in 1914.

In 1914, Verkö Castle was one of the first properties in Jämtland County to have real drains, running hot and cold water in the taps and self-sufficiency in electricity for light etc.

Today, Verkö Castle is a beautiful and unique place for weddings, parties and meetings or just to get out and enjoy a beautiful environment with good tastes.

We have about 30 beds for overnight stays and accommodation.

Get in touch with us and we will tell you more about everything we can offer just for you!

Tel: 063-103700



Let us help you have an unforgettable experience.

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Guests arrive in Verkön directly from Östersund

with M / S Thomée. Serving with full rights on board.


Accommodation at the castle, wedding in the park and dinner and party in Skärgårdskrogen with room for 150 seated guests.

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Anrika M / S Thomée built in 1875 takes the company out to Verkön from Östersund in about 90 minutes.

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Mother Anna's room is a popular room for many bridal couples, the room has a beautiful punch porch.

Mother Anna's suite is a popular room for many bridal couples, adjacent to the room is a beautiful punch porch.


A good stay requires good tastes, our tasteful chefs put the finishing touches

A beautiful and creative environment

Now the autumn and the season for meetings, conferences, parties and corporate activities are here ...

We are open for booked groups throughout September.

Good conference rooms, accommodation and good tastes.

You arrive at Verkön with our boats: M / S Thomée, SuperTornadon, Sjöexpressen or with your own boats.

Why not take a helicopter ride out with Storm Heliworks and SuperTornadon back? The possibilities are many.

Get in touch and we will tell you more about everything we have to offer you and your friends.

Tel: 063-103700 or email us at:


Meetings, parties and conferences

in a creative and unique environment

How about becoming a host and castle lord for your meeting out at Verkö Castle?

Warm tiled stoves, good conference facilities, accommodation, wood-fired hot tubs, good tastes, outdoor activities, boat transports directly from Östersund harbor or via Norderön.

Get in touch and we will tell you more about all the possibilities for arranging the best meeting.

Tel: 063-103700 or email us at:


Get in touch and we will tell you more about all the opportunities we offer!

Tel: 063-103700 or email us:

Book the best experience!


Enjoy a good dinner in the lounge inside the castle

Stay over at Verkö Castle

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Book one of our rooms at the castle. We have 6 double rooms and one quadruple room. Out in the courtyard house directly adjacent to the castle we have another 20 beds. Get in touch and we'll tell you more! Tel: 063-103700


Book the best experience!

Experience Storsjön for real!

SuperTornadon out on Storsjöflaket 9 June 2018 at 23.00

Experience Storsjön on board our SuperTornado


Book a lake experience!


Please contact us!

Email us at:

Or dial a signal on 063-103700


Verkö Castle and the Archipelago Inn

from the end of May-November there is the opportunity to book accommodation for groups, weddings, conferences and meals at Verkö Castle for groups.

Tel: 063-103700

Payment methods at Thomée and Verkö Castle are short or Swish.


Verkö Archipelago restaurant

Verkö Skärgårdskrog offers 150 weather-protected restaurant spaces in a beautiful and cozy environment with good tastes.


The sea express

Sjöexpressen operates Norderön-Verkön round trip by agreement

Sunset over the mountains and Storsjön

M / S Thomée a ship with history and ancestry.

Sir Winston Group is responsible for the operation of the historic ship M / S Thomée. Verkön and Thomée have a long and common history, we offer many departures from Östersund harbor to Verkön this summer. M / S Thomée was built in 1875 at Motala shipyard, and has operated Storsjön since 1880, a very well-known and in-demand passenger boat on Storsjön.

Walking time Östersund - Verkön: approx. 1.30 h

Number of passengers: 120

Serving on board with full rights.

Bookable for corporate events, birthday celebrations etc.

Contact us and we will tell you more about all the fun opportunities the boat can offer you. Tel: 063-103700

Welcome omboard!



Verkö Castle offers a new exciting meeting place, our new restaurant out on the castle terrace.

Welcome to Verkö Archipelago Restaurant

Food, drink and mood.


We continue to develop out on Verkön. Verkö Castle is becoming an increasingly large and sought-after destination for Swedish and international guests. We are now weatherproof and can also welcome significantly larger groups out and experience the fantastic environment Verkön offers.
We now have a festival tent that can accommodate about 150 seated guests and works perfectly both summer and winter. Wedding parties, corporate events, larger parties and meetings etc.

See you!
Per-Åke Wahlund with staff.

Which of our boats do you choose to come to Verkön?

Which of our boats do you choose to go to Verkön this summer?

- M / S THOMÉE, passenger capacity: 120, Östersund-Verkön

- SuperTornado, passenger capacity: 12, Östersund-Verkön

- Sjöexpressen, passenger capacity: 12, Norderön-Verkön

Meetings and conferences at Verkö Castle this autumn.


SuperTornadon has set a new level of boating experiences in Storsjön. How about a wonderful and fast-paced boat trip, castle bath and castle supper at Verkö Castle, with a journey home with the sunset over Storsjöflaket and the mountains in the background.

SuperTornadon is bookable in June, July, August, September.
Get in touch and we will tell you more about the best customer / staff activity / bachelor party / bachelorette party / birthday party etc.
Welcome aboard! 🔆
Email us at:

Tel: 063-103700

SuperTornadon is bookable from the end of May-June-July.August-September-October. Book an awesome boating experience on Storsjön with a good dinner! With a complete equipment with life jackets, googles, life jackets, hats and gloves, there is no bad weather, just a great experience!

Stay with us!

Stay and sleep over at the castle. We have 16 beds inside the castle's beautiful rooms and a total of 30 beds with the farmhouse which is located about 50 meters from the castle.

Verköns castle bath

We have two wood-fired hot tubs down in the harbor that can accommodate 8-10 people per barrel. In addition, sauna, shower and lake bath in direct connection.

(The hot tubs must be booked no later than 24 hours before use, due to filling with water and heating time.)

The castle's lookout tower

400 meters above the castle on the highest point of the island you will find the old and stately lookout tower. The tower was built in the early 1900s and is 22 meters high. From here you have a wonderful view of the mountains and Storsjöbygden.

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