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A party room and restaurant beyond the ordinary ...

Enjoy good tastes, environment & company at UPSTAIRS!


Welcome to UPSTAIRS!

With high priority on the best ingredients in our kitchen,

you enjoy food, drink & company in a classic comfortable environment.

Tel: 063-107100





perfect party room for:

birthday party, wedding dinner, corporate events, board meetings, management meetings etc.

Get in touch and we will tell you more

about all the nice opportunities!

Tel: 063-107100

UPSTAIRS Ground floor menu

From 15 people

You choose one of our party menus.

Party menu 1.

Starter - Forest mushroom soup. With whipped truffle cream and fried flatbread.

Main course - Reindeer roast beef from Härjedalen. Served with a cloud of red wine, confit tomatoes, pickled mushrooms, bacon bun and potato terrine.

Dessert - Creme brulee. which is topped with myrtle.


Fix menu 2.

Starter - Råraka. Classic starter served with roe, sour cream, red onion and lemon.

Main course - Autumn stew sharing style. Hot and juicy stew with char from Landösjön, potatoes, shrimp and herbs. Served with garlic bread and aioli.

Dessert - Lingon Parfait. Served with honeycomb, berry mixture and blueberry crisp.


Party menu 3 .

Starter - Toast skagen. Classic toast skagen topped with red onion and roe.

Main course - Low-temperature beef fillet tournedo. 56'C baked beef fillet served with truffle puree, green pepper sauce, pork loin, pickles and butter-fried mushrooms.

Dessert. - Mint panna cotta topped with licorice crisp, raw raspberries and flatbread crumbs.


Price three-course menu: SEK 695 pp


Welcome to the table!

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