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Party and larger groups

Verkö Castle is becoming an increasingly large and sought-after destination for Swedish and international guests. We are now weatherproof and can also welcome significantly larger groups out and experience the fantastic environment Verkön offers.
We now have our own festival tent that can accommodate about 150 guests and works perfectly both summer and winter. Wedding parties, corporate events, larger parties and meetings etc.
In January, you can follow the helicopter delivery and assembly out on the castle terrace.
Now we drive on!


One of the hottest news in the summer of 2017 is called SuperTornado.

Our new Ribboat, which is 10.5 meters long, is powered by two engines with a total of 600 hp. Capacity for 12 passengers plus crew.

The trip on Storsjön will be both a unique experience and an adventure.

The boat has a top speed of about 65 knots. Perfect activity for the company party, customer, staff event, bachelorette parties, bachelorette parties etc. How about a cool boat trip, hot tub bath and castle supper at Verkö Castle.

Passengers are equipped with real overalls, life jackets and goggles as well as a nice hat that you can keep after the boat trip.

If you book the boat no later than last May for a trip to Verkön, we will leave an early discount. Get in touch and we'll tell you more!

Welcome aboard!

Tasty meeting places, with the trust of many guests.

We have a strong belief in Jämtland and all the good our landscape offers. We in Sir Winston Group continue to invest
and wants to give all guests and visiting guests real reasons to visit us in Östersund and out on Verkön.

We strive to always offer good hospitality, good service, good food and drink experiences, adventure history and much more.




Adventure stock

Our new beer, Jämtländsk Äventyrslager has seen the light of day and received lots of positive reviews. Adventure Camp is a tribute to Jämtland's magnificent, beautiful, rich and wild nature, a tribute to all Adventurers!

Adventure Warehouse is exclusively brewed for Sir Winston by award-winning Jämtlands Bryggeri.


Castle warehouse

As a tribute to one of the Nordic region's most beautiful places, we have carefully looked for a brew and a recipe that corresponds to all the beautiful Verkön offers all visitors. We found what we were looking for at Jämtlands Bryggeri in Pilgrimstad, an American type of Steam Beer that originally comes from the USA and a brewing method from the end of the 19th century, the era and the golden years for the world's steamboats. Verkö Slottslager has a golden yellow color and is very suitable for good food or just to enjoy as it is ...

Verkö Slottslager is served as draft beer and is 5.0 vol%

Våra egna drycker


Sir Winston Restaurant & Bar and Upstairs have been praised by Munskänkarna.

Sir Winston received the rating two out of four wine classes and our restaurant Upstairs received the rating four out of four possible wine classes - ie the highest possible rating. Which at the national level means 1 of the 20 best wine taverns in Sweden.

We are extremely proud and happy about our nominations which also won prizes.

Entrepreneur of the Year
in Jämtland 2015

Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year in Jämtland 2015


Marketer of the Year
in Jämtland 2012


Many thanks!



"Both restaurateurs, kitchen teams and serving staff have understood that what is necessary for some is comfortable and welcoming for everyone. The physical accessibility is good with an elevator, self-opening entrance door, spacious toilet areas and allergy-friendly surfaces.

The restaurant also offers good hearing environments in separate rooms and a menu without peanuts.

Sir Winston UPSTAIRS is a good role model for the restaurant industry and can rest assured in its motto: Open and accessible to all. "



Sir Winstons


India Pale Ale came to the end of the 18th century when beer was to be shipped from England to India. The alcohol content and the high proportion of hops were needed to cope with the long journey. The strong taste was in demand and is still appreciated today. In Sir Winston's IPA, we have combined the colonial origins with an American version. The aroma is hop aromatic with a marked citrus character. The taste has a dry bitterness with hints of grapefruit and malt.

Our IPA is brewed exclusively for Sir Winston's restaurants by Jämtlands Bryggeri - Sweden's most award - winning.

Sir Winston has received the Certificate of Excellence! 2014


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White Guide draws attention to Sir Winston UPSTAIRS

White Guide has also noticed that a new star has been lit in Östersund's and Sweden's restaurant skies.

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The wholesaler who became lord of the castle

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