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Välkommen till vackra Verkön och Verkö slott, en jämtländsk pärla!

Slottet uppfördes mellan åren 1893–1905 av överstelöjtnant Behm med familj. Idag är Verkö slott ett populärt och välbesökt plats för många. På slottet erbjuder vi restaurang och hotellverksamhet.

Verkö Slott öppnar publikt på midsommarafton kl.12.00

I sommar har vi har öppet onsdag-söndag från kl. 12.00 fram till söndag 11 augusti. Därefter fredagar och lördagar fram till lördag 7 september.

Andra dagar och tider öppet för bokade grupper och konferenser enl ök.
Är det något du funderar över eller vill boka?
Ring oss på tfn: 063-10 68 00
Maila oss:

Vi hälsar alla varmt välkomna till Verkö Slott!

Verkö Slott, en perfekt plats för bröllop och fest

Abonnera eller boka plats på M/S Thomée för dig och dina gäster, 90 minuters kryssning från Östersund ut till Verkön, ute på Verkö Slott drar firandet igång.



Skärgårdslunch, en lunchbuffé med många goda valmöjligheter. 

Skärgårdsbuffén står uppdukad:

Torsdag, fredag, lördag och söndag 12.00-14.00, därefter ala cartemeny

Pris: 295:- per person

Stora Grillbuffén
Onsdag, torsdag, fredag och lördagar från 17.00.
475:- per person

Storsjöns största passagerarfartyg
est 1875


Avgångar till Verkön direkt från Östersunds hamn

Lunchkryssningar: torsdag, fredag, lördag och söndag.
Avgång från Östersunds hamn 10.30 åter i Östersund 15.30

Middagskryssningar: onsdag, torsdag, fredag, lördag.

Avgång från Östersunds hamn 16.00, åter i Östersund 21.30

The castle terrace

To enhance all our guests' experiences during the visit, we have built a solid castle terrace that accommodates just over 200 seated guests, with comfortable furniture and lacquered wooden masts that support two large jibs that hold almost 300 square meters of canvas.

In 2018, we set up Skärgårdskrogen, which accommodates about 150 guests and which are weather-protected places out on the terrace.


With the new castle terrace's best sun position, we maximize all the sun's of the day to reach the terrace and our visitors.

All waterways lead to Verkön

Our guests come to Verkön via various modes of transport: sailboats, motorboats, rowing boats, canoes, planes, taxi boats, M / S Thomée, SuperTornado, snowmobiles, skis ... This summer our guests have come from both near and far.

Ta dig hit
Helikopter Jämtlandsflyg
sommaren 2018
The car ferry

The car ferry goes from the mainland to Norderön every full and half hour.


The sea express

The sea express departs for Verkön From Tivar's jetty on Norderön after bookings.

Book the crossing on tel: 063-103700

or email us at

Price adult t / r 100: - pp

Price for children up to 12 years up to SEK 50

The sea express departs from Norderön after bookings .

Konferenser & möten

Conferences & meetings

Accommodation, activities, conference equipment, good tastes etc.

Enjoyable views

Enjoy the beautiful views of Storsjön, on board the M / S Thomée or our SuperTornado

Get in touch and we'll tell you more!
063-10 37 00

Storm Heliworks.JPG

In collaboration with Storm Heliworks, we arrange helicopter trips from Östersund out to Verkön, we offer different lengths of the trips ranging from direct flights of about 8 minutes to the big mountain trip of about 1.40 minutes


Get in touch and we'll tell you more!

063-10 37 00


M / S Thomée

Experience Storsjön on board

M / S Thomée, a historic ship built in 1875.

This summer you are welcome on board the old beautiful ship M / S Thomée, the boat departs from Östersund harbor.

Number of passengers: 120

Price adult round trip: 185: -pp

Price children up to 12 years to / from SEK 100 pp

Travel time:
Östersunds Hamn-Verkön: approx. 1.30

Serving and service on board.

You buy a ticket when boarding the boat.

During the high season we depart Monday-Sunday to Verkön and Verkö castle.


Thomée was built at Motala shipyard in 1875 and has for many years operated Storsjön to the delight of many passengers.

Read more here on the website under the THOMÉE tab



An awesome lake experience!

The season for our SuperTornado rib boat is June-October

The boat can accommodate 12 passengers plus crew, the boat is fully equipped with, among other things, vhf radio, double plotters, sonar, radar etc.

We equip passengers with life jackets, life jackets, googles etc.

Do you have questions or concerns?

Call 070-6336110


Reservations by arrangement.

Welcome omboard!


Verkö harbor

In the port of Verkö, all boats dock, small boats, motor boats, sailboats and all the way up to steamboat size.


If you dock during the day or evening and visit the Castle, the places are free, if you stay overnight you pay a port fee that covers the use of the bridge and bridge


The port fee for overnight boats is SEK 100 / night. For overnight dinners at the castle, the harbor fee is included.


Alcohol consumption of own alcoholic beverages on the pier, beach or within the property is not allowed due to current alcohol laws.

Verköns electric car

Do you have difficulty walking? No problem, we pick you up at the port and offer a ride up to the castle with our electric car, a Polaris Ranger EV with 100% electric drive.


Please let us know at your booking that you want a ride up to the castle and the car will be on the bridge when you step ashore on Verkön.

Book transport by phone:

063-10 37 00

Winter on Verkön

In the winter, Verkö Castle will be a meeting place for all dedicated skiers and snowmobile riders in the Storsjö area.


The ice express takes you directly from the Winter Park in Östersund or from Norderön to Verkön in the winter.

Isexpressen Östersund-Verkön t / r 150: - / pp. children up to 12 years half the price.

Welcome omboard!

(weather, temperature and ice position control the departures of the ice express)

Read more under the heading CURRENT


Watch film clips about Isexpressen

Mat & Dryck


people and good tastes

We have a strong belief in our region and all our creative and skilled food craftsmen in the area and are happy to prioritize raw materials that both stand for quality and that have traveled the shortest way to our kitchens.

With us you can choose between enjoying a good meal under the sails out on the castle terrace or inside the castle.

Do you want to book a table for a good lunch or dinner?

Call us

063-10 37 00

Verkö Slottslager

As a tribute to one of the most beautiful places in the Nordic countries, we have carefully looked for a brewery that corresponds to all that the beautiful Verkön offers.

We found what we were looking for at Jämtlands Bryggeri in Pilgrimstad, an American type of Steam Beer that originally comes from the USA and a brewing method from the late 1800s, the era and the golden years for the world's steamboats.

Verkö Slottslager has a golden yellow color and is very suitable for good food or just to enjoy as it is.

Verkö Slottslager is served as draft beer and is 5.0 vol%



Verkö Castle now offers an exciting new meeting place

Verkö Castle is becoming an increasingly large and sought-after destination for Swedish and international guests. We are now weatherproof and can also welcome significantly larger groups out and experience the fantastic environment Verkön offers. The new Archipelago Inn accommodates about 150 seated guests.

Read more about our opening hours under the tab "current"
Per-Åke Wahlund with staff

Stay with us at Verkö Castle

Well up the stairs, which will take you to our beautiful double rooms.

Treat yourself and a friend to a wonderful stay in a rare beautiful environment in the middle of the Jämtland archipelago. We offer a living experience in various charming rooms inside the castle, why not a night in Mor Anna's suite with its own punch porch. Inside the castle we have six beautiful rooms with 12 beds and a larger room at the top of the castle with four beds.

We also have about 20 beds in a simpler standard out in our farmhouse.

Accommodation and prices for accommodation in Verkö Castle:


Mrs. Anna's suite: SEK 2,250 per night and room incl. breakfast

Napoleon suite: SEK 2,250 per night and room incl. breakfast

The library (double room): SEK 1,950 per night and room incl. breakfast

Willes room (double room): SEK 1,950 per night and room incl. breakfast

Dagmar's room (double room): SEK 1,950 per night and room incl. breakfast

Tower room (double room): SEK 1,950 per night and room incl. breakfast

The attic in the castle with 4 beds SEK 3,000 per night incl. breakfast

Extra bed for children: SEK 200


Accommodation in Gårdshuset:

You will find a simpler accommodation in our farmhouse, a stone's throw from the castle.

Here you will find rooms with two or more beds.


Adult: SEK 695 per night incl. breakfast and linen

Children up to 12 years: SEK 295 per night incl. breakfast



Breakfast is served in the castle hall from 09.00.



Other prices:

Wilderness bath (wood-fired hot tub) 8-10 pers SEK 3,500 two barrels 16-20 pers SEK 5,500

Sauna 2 hours: SEK 100 person, minimum fee SEK 300 towel SEK 30 / pc

Sjöexpressen to / from Norderön - Verkön SEK 100 / person. Children up to 12 years SEK 50 (valid for regular trips)

Do you want to book?

VERKÖ CASTLE: 063-10 37 00

Email us here

unnamed2 copy
Dubbelrum i gamla delen-2


Wood-fired hot tubs, sauna, shower, lake bath and relax


The castle bath with two wood-fired hot tubs, which means that up to 20 people can bathe at the same time. Sauna with changing, shower, lake bath and a relax that can be nice to take after the bath and enjoy something good to eat and drink.


1 barrel: 8-10 people SEK 3,500

2 barrels: 16-20 people SEK 5,500

Sauna by the harbor

A sauna by the harbor with an invigorating bath in Storsjön which is only a few meters from the doorway to the sauna house.


You can easily book the sauna up in the castle.

SEK 100 per person, minimum fee SEK 300 / two hours.

Towel loan: SEK 30 / pc


Enjoy Verkön's beautiful surroundings


Take a nice walk or run in lovely surroundings. The road starts and ends at Verkö Castle and is excellent.

At corporate events, we can place a round of tips with your company-specific questions.


Beautiful nature

Take a walk...


Take the opportunity to take a nice walk around Verkön.

The island is 166 hectares in size and the beaches have been shaped through the ages by weather, wind and the forces of Storsjön.



Challenge your friends in a competition

Examples of fun and challenging activities we can arrange are:


- Air rifle shooting

Clay pigeon shooter

- Quiz walk

- Darts

- The ball in the barrel

- Ringing



A car park

En trevlig upplevelse för hela familjen


Hang out and fish for Great Lake trout or Canadian trout


Now you have the chance to hang out with a dedicated fisherman on a fish catcher out on Storsjön. You can hang out at Håkan for half or a whole day. Great trout or Canadian trout is the goal, learn to trolling. We dock in Verkö harbor for lunch or dinner. You can be 1-4 people

Half-day price: SEK 4,500
Price all day: SEK 6,500


Lovely flavors

Enjoy good tastes at Verkö Castle, during the season the kitchen opens at 12.00

In the picture you see one of our good desserts, strawberry sorbet, fresh strawberries in Prosecco.

Snowmobile safari

How about a snowmobile safari out to Verkö Castle? We have all the equipment you need including scooters and experienced guides. The safari starts in the winter park in the center of Östersund or why not directly from Östersund airport?


The lookout tower

at the highest point of the island


At Verkön's highest point you will find our lookout tower, from the top of the 22 meter high tower you have a fantastic view and view around the large lake area.
With a short and reasonable walk, you can easily get there and back.

Welcome up!


Wedding & party

A beautiful and festive day at Verkön

What is no more festive than a beautiful wedding couple with accompanying entourage. Here the ship Verkö arrives with the wedding couple and company, during the evening a wedding dinner awaits with all the good, fun and memorable.

We out at Verkön want to take the opportunity to thank you for the trust and wish you all the luck and prosperity!


Are you planning for your wedding?

We can probably offer the ultimate place for one of life's biggest events, how about the wedding out on Verkön and the unforgettable wedding party out in Skärgårdskrogen which accommodates about 150 seated guests and is weatherproof with space for music, dance and entertainment. The wedding couple of course checks into the castle's suite with its punch veranda.

Subscribe to M / S Thomée which departs from Östersund harbor, maybe a glass of bubbly when boarding ... The boat arrives at Verkö harbor after about 90 minutes.

Get in touch with us and we will tell you more about everyone
opportunities Verkö Castle has to offer!

Email us:



A magical & memorable evening

Do you have something you want to celebrate?

Get in touch with us and we will help you plan an experience you and your guests will soon forget. The roads to us on Verkön are many or how about, helicopter, M / S Thomée, sails or motorboats, SuperTornado, Sjöexpressen or Isexpressen in the winter.

PHONE: 063-10 37 00



The story of Verkön

The nobleman and domain superintendent Fredrik Wilhelm Tigerhielm moved to Verkön in 1881. He was very interested in gardens and planted a forest garden on the island. There were, among other things, willow trees and berry bushes as well as a wood-fired greenhouse.

In 1893, the island changed owners again when it was bought by Lieutenant Colonel Sigfried Henning Napoleon Behm. At first, Behm only used the island as a summer home, but after he expanded the villa (now called Verkö Castle) in 1905 and pulled in water and sewage, he became a resident. The farm then had 25 hectares of cultivated land and a herd of 25 cows, 7 horses, pigs, sheep and chickens.

In 1914, electricity was introduced to the island by means of a wind turbine. Electrical energy was stored with the help of 64 large lead-acid accumulators in the castle's basement.

In June 2013, Per-Åke Wahlund lands on the island with the clear ambition to make a long-term investment in quality, service, community and good tastes. We want Verkö Castle to be a comfortable place for everyone to visit, now and for future generations.

A Jämtland, Swedish and international meeting place.

Welcome to Verkön, Storsjön's gem!


Here you see the owner of Verkön castle, Sigfrid Henning Napoleon Behm with family and staff in 1916. The Behm family acquired the whole of Verkön in 1893 and began construction of the castle the same year and moved permanently to Verkön in 1905 with family and servants when the castle was completed.

Project Verkö Castle started with full force
on June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013, a day to remember. Immediately in the morning, the purchase agreements were signed, after which we held a well-attended press conference at 10.00.

At 2.30 pm, the Verkö Castle project got underway with full force.
In a few hours, 30 tonnes of building materials, transport vehicles, timber wagons, etc. would be flown over by helicopter from Norderön to Verkön.

The next morning, June 14, at 07:00, the first craftsmen arrived on the island and the work of renovating, cleaning, thinning, painting, carpentry and building our new castle terrace of 400 square meters began.
The schedule was very tight, because July 1, 2013 was the date for the inauguration of the then Governor Britt Bohlin, and then Verkö Castle would be open, accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who with great enthusiasm helped us get the project Verkö Slott to completion!




Per-Åke Wahlund
Owners, shipowners & restaurateurs

Watch film clips on the helicopter transports of materials to Verkö Castle

Sigfrid Henning Napoleon Behm

Verkö Castle

Verkön, Jämtland


Phone: 063-10 37 00

Email us

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The gift card is valid at all Sir Winston's restaurants in Östersund, Verkö Castle with restaurant and accommodation, Isexpressen, Sjöexpressen, SuperTornado, M / S Thomée, helicopter tours or for Adventures with snowmobiles and char fishing in wild western Jämtland. Yes, here the recipient can choose and reject what suits best.


The value of the gift card is up to you and the validity period is two years from the date of printing.

You can buy our gift card at Sir Winston Restaurant & Bar, at Stortorget in Östersund.

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